Individual Speed of Learning

Students need to get the power to have their own educational trajectory. We need a mentoring structure based on an online platform. This system can track a students' development and the student as well as teacher can see what goals have been achieved / how far the student is in the process. Students discuss with their mentor / teacher how they are doing and what they need to focus on / do next.

Resources: We need a lot of data.

Stakeholders: Teachers & students.

Hackathon goal: Make a survey with a knowledge map of each student. At the same time, students can give feedback to teachers. For that we interview teachers and students. Implement 2 ideas: 1) with the method. 2) without the method. We would like to do a dummy test.

The potential: Implement a new strategy. Advancing the teachers skills for data driven skills.

Hurdles: Feedback culture for students. How can we give teachers feedback to improve the way they use this tool?

(A project idea by the "Teachers" group, 11 votes)

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