Learning Nomads

Earlier it was clear that you can only learn by traveling / moving. When we are on journey, on the road, and we don't know where we are tomorrow and we go into real life - we learn a lot! How can schools provide such a journey? Schools would need to say: Please go out, learn and share your experience. But students should still be rooted, students should come back to the school as well.

Implementation: We should start easy, with young students. You have 50 euros and 2 days - go out! And then we increase the time. We should build a community of learning nomads on the road. A digital teacher should be at the side. There could be co-working spaces on board in buses, trains etc. People should come together from time to time.

Hackathon goal: We should simply try the concept during the Hackathon.

Hurdles: The age, social status, do we have money for that, the safety, the co2, the background and personalities. It needs to be an open and flexible system.

(A project idea by the "School Makers" group, 13 votes)

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