EEC - Enjoy Engage Collaborate

Project: How do we keep students engaged and excited? We want to have a challenge which involves being able to hack in a direct way. The ability to experiment, master technology, push it to new frontiers.

Team members: Jost Joller, Mateusz Jarus, Ilda Pogaci, Sonja, Christoph Zink, Francis Ritz.

Hackathon goal: We want to keep the challenge broad because we want to give the hackathon enough freedom - but still clear guidelines. Create an interactive application that keeps students involved and collaborate with each other even if they are learning in a digital environment. 3 keep drivers to keep people engaged: 1) providing a success experience 2) social acceptance 3) autonomy.

Resources: Content expertise, subject matter experts.

Stakeholders: Interested students, teachers who like to test the idea during class, app developers.

The potential: It's getting harder to learn more and more things. How can we make sure learning is enjoyable?

Hurdles: Integration of different technologies.

(A project idea by the "Hackers" group, 6 votes)

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