School Cloud

A combination of school resources into a digital, easily accessible portal.

Description: Have everything that is important to the school in one cloud. All schedules, calendar, time tables, etc.

How can this idea be developed & tested at a 30 hours Hackathon? - Do something smaller: start out with school schedule. What are the subjects. From a big project do it smaller. With the digital skills at the Hackathon we start by doing it web based. Later app based. (Test the digital schedule & calendar.)

Which data & resources are required to make this idea happen? - Individual data (student of choice) - Programming skills - general school data

Which stakeholders need to be involved & convinced? - We need teachers, school staff & school management, developers, designers,...

What are possible difficulties or hurdles? - Privacy las issues and broadness

The potential: - Sometimes I forget what the teachers said: what's the homework e.g. When I see this in my calendar it can help me.

A question from the crowd: What are the students responsibilities? It creates responsibilities for teachers. - Students have to follow the guidelines and they also have to insert their data (e.g. when they are sick).

28.11.2018 18:00

Hackathon finished

28.11.2018 15:00

Hackathon started