An app connecting all students & teachers.

Description: - An app connecting students and teachers as well as databasis for easy access & communication. It will entail everything: documents, schedules, etc. One easy access. You have a personal area and a community area. Newfseed, personal timetable, digital books, etc.

How can this idea be developed & tested at a 30 hours Hackathon? - Develop a prototype and get feedback. Get inspiration from programs like microsoft office or mail applications. We will probably use school email. Professional IT experts will make it for us.

Which data & resources are required to make this idea happen? - We need access to the school database. We need money for this project.

Which stakeholders need to be involved & convinced? - IT partners, school database stuff is very sensitive. Bad hacker boys don't need to access it. Parents need to give permission. And Zuoz. Security is very important.

What are possible difficulties or hurdles? - We have to make this app better than existing applications. We have to make it secure. Available for all devices.

A question from the crowd: What's an existing application that is similar? - Office 365.

28.11.2018 18:00

Hackathon finished

28.11.2018 15:00

Hackathon started