E Locker

Description: - A fusion between a cloud space and a personal organiser. What do you get from a locker that you can get from technology? A simple storage space where you have all your resources and share resources. A way of personal organisation. Web & mobile based.

Which data & resources are required to make this idea happen? - Memory processing is required. Strong & sustainable internet connection. Storage space. Programming Languages.

Which stakeholders need to be involved & convinced? - School managers, developers,...

What are possible difficulties or hurdles? - Simplicity, differentiate between a cloud space, copy right issues. multi device usage.

The potential: - A way to make organising & communicating easier.

A question from the crowd: Why not other cloud platforms? - It has to be user friendly and tailored to schools.

28.11.2018 18:00

Hackathon finished

28.11.2018 15:00

Hackathon started