VR School

Description: - We want to use VR devices to enhance the teaching and learning. In chemistry we could walk through molecules. In biology we could take apart sceletons.

How can this idea be developed & tested at a 30 hours Hackathon? - One small project: chemistry, biology, arts. To visualise these ideas.

Which data & resources are required to make this idea happen? - 3d glasses, 3d programs, maybe 360 degree cameras

What are possible difficulties or hurdles? - too complicated to use? students might not understand it. The teachers need additional training and skills to use the VR properly.

A question from the crowd: Who wants to use VR in the classroom? - Almost everyone.

Comment from the crowd: VR is easier to implement for topics that are tangible, e.g. physics, chemistry etc. It's harder for e.g. for mathematics. Someone replies: it's easy to imagine a math VR course.

Comment from the crowd: Google earth was very fascinating. The geographical features of google earth are great for geography classes.

Comment from the crowd: It would be very interesting for design technology as well.

28.11.2018 18:00

Hackathon finished

28.11.2018 15:00

Hackathon started