1-1 training for teenagers

What's the problem you want to solve and why?

Teachy is a student-to-student tutoring matching platform and provides training for student tutors. The (learning) success of tutoring partly depends on the quality of the match between tutor and learner. Teachy explore to scale up the quality of its manual matching process with an algorithmic feature driven model. A solution to Teachy's challenge would help to learn about tutor-learner relationships in general - what type of tutors (instructors) and students (learners) are we and what type of instructor or learners fits best to our "style".

What's the solution / project you are suggesting?

A feature-based formula/algorithm and methodology for matching instructors and learners. Teachy currently applies and proposes the following instructor and learner "features/qualities": leadership, style of work, extro/introversion, energetic level (energetic, calm), gender. The solution would apply and further develop these qualities within the possibilities of algorithmic and operational (organisation and data) limitations.

How could this idea be developed or tested at a 30-hours Hackathon?

Teachy will provide a set of data with information on instructors, students and matching successes. Based on this data, an algorithm will be developed to improve the successful match making between students and instructors.

Plus, Teachy will do a survey on the spot from Zuoz's teacher and student population to improve the understanding of tutoring needs, offerings as well as match making success factors. The survey will cover further developed personal aspects and topic features (faculty and non-faculty topics, from piano instructing to memorising songs). Through this trial the school community will be able to analyse a wide range of topics, such as what students / teachers would like to learn as well as to instruct. Eventually, a new data set will be created that allows to connect the school community with the right tutoring topics and instructors.

Who are you? Please describe yourself in 1-3 sentences. Christian von Olnhausen. Founder of Teachy. Startup. Winner of Kickstart' 2017 EdTech Accelerator. Love tutoring.

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