Individual Speed of Learning

Use analytics to enable students to learn in their own speed


What’s the problem you want to solve and why? For the teacher, it’s impossible to provide timely feedback on exercises for their students. Providing this feedback motivates students and has real didactical benefits. We will try to automize this evaluation process for a summary exercise.

What’s the solution/project you are suggesting? We provide a data set with more than 1'000 student submission on a summary exercise. We will build a working prototype where students can solve this exercise and receive feedback immediately.

How could this idea be developed or tested at a 30-hours Hackathon? We will provide the base case technology to solve the problem. The focus of the development during the Hackathon will be on the UX and the design of the feedback. We will evaluate the quality and suitability of the feedback for this exercise.

Who are you? Please describe yourself in 1-3 sentences. Samuel Portmann, Co-Founder of Taskbase, ready to hack!

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